Monday 12 January 2015

Fishing knots breaking strength test Palomar vs Improved Clinch vs Snell knot!

What is the strongest fishing knot? A question that probably every one of us who likes fishing sometimes ask themselves.

This is the second test of fishing knots breaking strength comparison with the Snell vs Palomar knot.

If you missed the first test between the Clinch and Improved Clinch knot, you can find it here First test Clinch vs Improved Clinch knot.

We used the same rules and same equipment like in test one and you can find out in the link below.
 The results fishing knots strength chart:

As we can see in the graph and table, in the conditions and equipment that we used for testing in those two tests Palomar knot was the strongest fishing knot. Second place is Snell knot and third place is the Improved Clinch knot.

The results fishing knots strength table:
(Snell vs Palomar knot)

 If you want to see the testing video click here:

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