Wednesday, 21 January 2015

San Diego Jam Knot | Fishing Knot for big fishing lures | 94% breaking strain!

The San Diego Jam Knot is one of the essential fishing knots because it's very reliable and it's strength beats the Palomar knot.

This knot is often mixed with the Uni knot but they are completely different because they are wrapping 2 lines but going in different directions. We can say it's some kind of reversal of the Improved Clinch knot, but much stronger and that's the reason of it's use in big game fishing. If you want to catch Tuna this is the knot you can use for tying heavy lures.

The number of times you need to wrap your line depends on your fishing line and you will quickly find out after tying a couple of times. Usually wrap 4-8 times, 4 times for 50+lb line and 8 times for less then 10lb fishing line.

When tightening the knot don't forget to lubricate as you do with every other fishing knot and try to keep the line spiral from overlapping otherwise the knot will cut itself and you will maybe lose a once in a lifetime perfect catch.

*Used for fishing hooks, swivels, lures...
*Lure can swing thru the knot
*Strong 94% breaking strain
*Fishing lines mono,braid and fluoro
*Medium skills required
*Fast learning

*Double time to tie than Palomar Knot with similar strength
*It needs practice, not for beginners

Video with tutorial:

Enjoy fishing, tight lines!

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