Sunday 11 January 2015

My Favorite Fishing Knot! | How to tie a Snell knot? | Fishing Knots

A Snell Knot is a widely used fishing knot and dates from the old times when hooks didn't have the eye. Today there are less and less hooks on the market without the eye. The Snell Knot is definitely one of the best and most popular.

This knot gets more fish hooked when used with the circle hook than any other fishing knots by 20%, but I would take this information with reserve because the information that I found is not completely descriptive like which knot is compared, what was the fishing line used, what type of fishing, what fish.....

Some advantages of a Snell Knot are:

*You can Snell any hook, even the hook without an eye
*The knot is fixed to the fishing hook shank and it is impossible for the hook to move on the line
*Strength is on the highest level
*Fun for kids to learn

Disadvantages of a Snell Knot are:

*It takes about 30 seconds, depends on proficiency, but at least double the time than some other knots
*Tying small hooks can be really challenging. It is necessary to have good coordination and high precision
*Easy to fail tying, one out of ten, even for someone who did it thousands of times

Video instructions:

Snell knot with over a million views!

Ultra small hook tied with Snell knot!

Enjoy fishing, tight lines!

Awesome fishing knots website:

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