Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Albright Knot | Instructions and analysis of Albright Knot | Braid to Leader Knot

Albright Knot is one of top 10 fishing knots every fisherman should know.
This not is used worldwide from north freshwater salmon fisherman in Alaska to southern saltwater, open ocean fishing in Australia. Now you probably think what is the reason and why is this knot special? If you think like that you're close to answer because it it special and it is also known as Albright Special!

*You can join any two fishing lines together, this means tippet 10 lb to main line 50lb, mono to braided line or fluorcarbon, or any other combination.
*This knot is suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing.
 *Time to learn 45min

*Moderate skills are necessary to tie this knot

Credits: How to Fish - YouTube channel

Enjoy fishing, tight lines!

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