Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Surgeon's Knot | How to tie the Surgeon's Knot | Braid to Leader Fishing Knot

The Surgeon's Big Game Fishing Knot is a knot to join or tie a braided line to mono or braided to leader or fluorocarbon. In this tutorial you will learn how to easily tie a braid to leader fishing knot.

The first time I saw this knot, I was a kid and one old man told me this is a braid to braid knot and 15 years later I went on fishing charters and they told us that it is a braid to leader knot. This is some kind of variant of the Surgeon's knot because it has more wraps than an ordinary Surgeon's knot.

This fishing knot is strong and quick to tie. It is very reliable and I'm sure you're going to use it after watching this video.

Advantages of Surgeon's Fishing Knot are:
* You can tie it easier than other knots especially in low light or adverse conditions
* You can join 2 different fishing lines with different diameters and characteristics.
    Examples:( braid to braid, mono to braid, fluorocarbon to mono, mono to mono etc...)
* Stronger knot than any other (near 100%) - used in big game fishing 

 Credits: How to Fish - YouTube channel

Enjoy fishing, tight lines!

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