Tuesday 6 January 2015

Clinch Knot | How to tie a Clinch Knot | Quick and easy knot tutorial with fishing tips

We all love fishing and fishing knots are a part of our life so it's better that we know them better for our chances to catch our dream fish. There are many different types of knots that we can use for fishing, many of them are good, but usually we use just a couple that we can remember. Lots of fishing knots have their purpose, why they exist and why someone created them, went is the right time to use them and what fishing line should be used.

It's the same as when you go fishing, and it's never the same, you never catch the same fish, but if you change to a spot just a 50 meters away, the fish species that you should target and try to catch are completely different. That means you need different bait, rod, line, hooks and even knots. That's why we here will try to assist you in finding the best fishing knot for the right occasion.

If you are using eyeless hooks, the Clinch Knot and Improved Clinch Knot are not the ones you should use.

How to tie a Clinch Knot ?

Step 1.

Get the line thru the hook for about 10cm or 5inch. Look at picture 1.

Step 2. Hold with thumb and index finger the main fishing line tag end, with the other hand hold the fishing hook then start twisting the hook 6 times if the line is less than 30pounds or around 15kg, if your line is over 15kg or 30 pounds twist only 4 times because it's more than enough. If you twist more then necessary you will damage the line with lots of friction or it will be unevenly tied and easy to untie.

Step 3. Push the Tag end inside the loop under the hook eye, look at the orange coloured line in my picture ( I know I'm not talented for drawing :) ).

Step 4. Very important step with all knots, before finishing the knot, you need to lubricate it to reduce friction and damaging the fishing line. You can lubricate with water or saliva it doesn't really make a big difference. After you finish all of these steps, you should get a knot like this one below.

Step 5. Cut the end tag close to the knot, but not too close to prevent untying.

Step 6. There is one more optional step that you can use with all knots at the end. Some old man taught me when I was a kid that I should use a lighter to burn the tag end so fish can't poke on the sharp tag end which could be negative for the fishes interest for the bait. I think there is one more good reason that you should burn the tag end and that is that the burned end becomes thicker and is much. much harder to slip over even when the fishing knot is tied properly. Why not, if you have time one more secure measure can just help in extreme situations maybe with your biggest fish.

Step 7. If you still have some hesitations on how to tie a fishing knot? I recommend the Youtube channel How to Fish - Fishing tutorials.

Clinch Knot video tutorial you can watch down here:

Enjoy fishing, tight lines!

Fishing knots website:

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